Friday, December 14, 2018

How to deal with rumors #2

This is the most challenging part

2. Stay Calm - Don't get frustrated even though you are hurt and angry. Distance yourself from the situation mentally. Showing your frustration will give power to the person who is spreading the rumor about you. Try mindfulness techniques. Try step meditation. Explore more creative practices like drawing, painting, crafts, sculpting. Even though you are hurt inside we should act calmly and not react in front of others.

It is not the pain

Thursday, December 13, 2018


Have courage and be kind!

and work hard! :)

Not all those that work hard are the horses from
George Orwell's Animal Farm! :)

Stay safe!

The cat is out of the bag :)

Annnnnd......whoooooppiiie ;p

The cat is out of the bag :)
or should I say some raw mangoes are out of the bag ;p!?

When you think about pav bhaji......:) what comes to your mind...?!

How to deal with rumors! #01

1. Don't play Dumb!

Don't pretend like nothing is wrong and avoid trashy small talk.
Please don't discuss weather or fruits!
Pretending nothing is wrong does not mean that there is not something wrong actually. It will not make the rumor go away. In fact it will make the situation worse. Your silence can be misinterpreted and could mean that you know the rumor and you are not doing anything about it. Acknowledge that there is a problem!

This is the tricky part!  - People are more likely to tell rumors that are conceivable and that hinge on the existence of suggestive evidence!

New project coming up...

Rumors can be difficult to deal with. They could start from motifs like, to feel better, to fit in, to gain attention, to improve position or power, to take revenge or just to pass time. Whatever the purpose of the person spreading the rumor. There are some Do's and Don'ts to how to deal with rumors.

Lets go through each of them one day, one illustration at a time!

1. Don't play dumb!

Monday, December 10, 2018

Friday, December 7, 2018

Work in prgress

This is a small glimpse of something I have been working on.


मुश्किल सीन में अच्छा सोचा जा सकता है

इसका मतलब मेरी सोच का सीन से कोई सम्बन्ध नहीं है

- B.K.Shivani

Remind yourself at least 10 times daily....

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Corita Kent | 2016 AIGA Medalist

Directors’ Cuts: “Become Microscope” by Aaron Rose

Posting this again! Inspiring!

Note to self

Dear self,

You have developed an addiction called 'achievement'!
i.e. making things possible with your skill. And living in that momentary ecstasy!

But success requires perseverance, patience, courage and a steady mind.
Don't be so demanding......learn to appreciate small things!

Be consistent with your routine, work and emotions.
and instead of bliss, choose peace!


Wednesday, November 28, 2018


Trying to control things creates resistance.
Resistance from the alignment, resistance from that intuitive voice
that is beckoning you all the time! Resistance from your connection
to a power far greater than yourself. A magnitude that is within 
you that you have forgot to listen to. 

Because you have been too busy focusing on what you want to get. 
But absence of that resistance will we be able to realign. In the absence of that resistance 
that we will be able to remember who we really are! Its in the absence of that resistance that we get connected to the universe. Universe is the ever present energy of love. And it is within us!

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Stephen Colbert :)

For you cannot be afraid and laugh at the same time! :)

This man is a genius! If you see this Sir, I hope you like it :)

Stephen Colbert and faith and hope and God!

Recent example of flippancy?!

Recent example of flippancy?! -

someone anonymously (which can also be referred to as A witch hunt!) writing

a roman '4' not 3, not 2 precisely 4!

I am here to create!

Political operative means that you have some gain beyond what you are doing!
Politics itself means that I am not telling you my intention. I am showing you an action that is causing a reaction from you, while I am playing another chess from the other end. And I will triangulate some secretive way, where i will achieve power over you. Remember any political action is class against class.

I am not wanting to gain power over anybody. I am
an artist. I speak form my instinct or I am silent!

There are no looks, no winks no nudges from my end. No flippancy! I am not here to 'win no matter what'! because THAT sounds like a gamble. Winning regardless of its consequence! and gamble is a sin in every scripture and moreover my soul does not approve of it!

Having said that, if you kick me in the wrong place be rest assured, you are gonna get it back, regardless of how powerful you claim you are! You are not THEE! And that is enough for me to sue you! ;p Go up with that thing ;p :D

And I know that all you need is a strong will to build something phenomenal from scratch and that is the intention that God created us! And I know I have it in me! :)

Two spreads from my book Milarepa a Budhhist saint. I worked on this a few years back!

Always remember this!

Saturday, November 24, 2018

One step at a time! :)

 It is possible that every morning, God claps His hands in glee and says every morning to the sun: “Do it again.” And unlike many of us, He jumps up and starts the day :)

Least we can do is walk - One step at a time! :)


Lewis warned of the laughter of Flippancy. Flippancy jokes about goodness, virtue, justice. It is cruelty disguised as joking. Our throats are like open sepulchers, graves where dead laughter exists. The weed of flippancy grows in the soil of superiority and pride. Its grubby root is in meanness. Over a cup of coffee and a sneering wink and a rolling of the eyes, we mock others. We laugh but know we should be repenting.

Lewis denounced flippancy so thoroughly because it was so close to his heart. It was his thorn. He knew its power, of wink-wink, nudge-nudge, know what I mean smirks toward others, living in what he called his own great puddle of naughtiness and meanness toward others. Yet, just because a good gift can go bad, one should not reject it. Laughter must be enjoyed in its goodness and fullness. In fact, laughter contributes to our physical as well as spiritual health.

Know the nature of flippancy...and reject (in your mind)
every effort which leads to pure meanness.
Otherwise it will suffocate your soul! 

Things to remember!

Friday, November 23, 2018

Tarot symbols and E.E. Cummings :)

Since feeling is first,
who pays attention to the syntax of things
will never wholly kiss you,
wholly to be a fool while spring is in the world

- E.E.Cummings

On the Fool Tarot card, a young man stands on the edge of a cliff or (small step?) we do not know niether does he, without a care in the world, as he sets out on a new adventure. He is gazing upwards toward the sky (and the Universe) and is seemingly unaware that he is about to skip off a precipice into the unknown. Over his shoulder rests a modest knapsack containing everything he needs – which isn’t much (let’s say he’s a minimalist). The white rose in his left hand represents his purity and innocence. And at his feet is a small white dog, representing loyalty and protection, that encourages him to charge forward and learn the lessons he came to learn. The mountains behind the Fool symbolize the challenges yet to come. They are forever present, but the Fool doesn’t care about them right now; he’s more focused on starting his expedition.

This is a basic rider tarot deck!

Now he is the man e.e. Cummings is refering to :)

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Inspiring words :)

Intentions are like powerful magnets.
the more we declare them, believe in them,
act in ways to manifest them, 
the more powerful and real they become :)

disasters can turn into great opportunities. So don't be afraid to spill something!
and have a good intention.

P.S. If you don't have a good intention......then may God help you ;p

Stephen Colbert - Witness


Tuesday, November 20, 2018

e.e.Cummings :)

Along with something I had illustrated a few years back....

Stephen Colbert on faith, God and politics in the age of Trump | Faith i...

Watch from 6:04

watch him talk about faith and God! :)

Love his show!

Be Creative

Creativity never goes out of style :)

Cannot wait to try these! :)

Check the link :)

Monday, November 19, 2018

Accept the Blunders that you made!

You alone are responsible for losing your mind!
cannot blame others for your flaws
and if you cannot control your emotions then you look like the biggest idiot!
and others will laugh at you! and you have to live with that!

So Change now. Stop making a fool of yourself.
Its okay to accept that you made a mistake.

What kind of stories do you want to tell?

"What kind of stories do you want to tell?

The stories of the people who dreamt BIG!
and never saw those dreams to fruition!

People who fell in love and lost...

I became an artist and thank GOD! I did!
because we are the only profession that
celebrates what it means to Live a Life!

Stories should be about people and words
and life and forgiveness and grace!

Stories should be about people who teach
us the difference between the good and the bad!"

Illustration I had worked on a few years back....

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Messages like these :)

Got this message today :)
Made my Sunday :)


Featured in 'All About You'

Folks ;p Hahaha :)

I am included in the weekly newsletter of the 
LOVELY Uppercase magazine along with 
some super talented artists :)
Don't forget to subscribe to Uppercase :)

Check out their STUNNING website :)

and work hard! :) :D

Feed for inspiration ❤❤❤❤❤

Friday, November 16, 2018

Some quotes :)

1) You don't get to choose if you get hurt in this world, but you do have some say in who hurts you!

2) I believe we have a choice in this world about how to tell sad stories, you can sugarcoat it! The way they do it in movies and romance novels.Where beautiful people learn beautiful lessons! Where nothing is too messed up, that it can't be fixed with an apology and a peter Gabriel song! I like that version as much as the next girl. Believe me!
Its just not the truth!

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Try healing something :)

Try healing something! That is hard. That requires patience!
You can break something in two seconds! but it can take forever to fix it! :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Happy children's Day Everyone! :)

Frog does not have illusional peripheries! She lives in the boarder between 
the concrete physical world and the watery world of emotion. She is like a child who is growing up!
she is trying to understand the physical world she is born in keeping in touch with the divine
purity she was born with. Influencing the concrete world with her childlike innocence.
Embracing both the marsh and the blooming lotuses! 

If at all it makes any sense! :D

check out the Frida frog....with a flower crown :)

Monday, November 12, 2018

Guru Ding Le mi

 क्स्तूक्षणभंगुर वस्तूंच्या च्या मागे धावणे म्हणजे आकाशातील इंद्रधनुष्य पकडण्यासारखे आहे. तू तुझ्या जिभेला लगाम घाल. कारण जे अविचारी असतात, ते स्वतःच्या जीभेशी लगाम ना घालता, स्वतःस आपल्याच भाषणाच्या, मूर्खपणाच्या जाळ्यात अडकवतात. प्रगाढ शांततेत, जे शब्द कानी पडतील, ते लक्ष देऊन एक. कारण शांततेचे शब्द शहाणपणाचे असतात आणि तिचा मार्ग सुरक्षिततेचा असतो. आळस  करू नकोस, सतत सराव  कर. केवळ आत्ताच क्षण तुझा आहे. तुझ्या सार्वमध्ये नेहेमी जिभेला लगाम घालणे आवश्यक आहे. ओठांवर जागता पहारा ठेवला पाहिजे. गप्प बस जणू तुला जीभच नाही. खूप बोलणाऱ्याला, नंतर पश्चाताप होतो. केवळ शांततेतच तू सुरक्षित असतोस.  मनात धैर्य जोपास, हृदयात सहनशीलता ठेव. जीवनाच्या किंवा परमेश्वराच्या न्यायाबद्दल कुरकुर करू नकोस. त्याऐवजी तुझे स्वतःचे हृदय शुद्ध कर. नेहमी समंजसपणे वाग. समंजस मनुष्य सुसंसकृत असतो.

God made all of us, because HE loves stories!'

Not many of us know the last words of Thomas Edison and Steve Jobs :)

'Its very beautiful on the other side!'

Is there an afterlife? Its like asking do fairies exist?

I am a great fan of stories and I personally believe life would be so boring and dry without fairy tales..... Believing in an afterlife is listening to a fairy tale. I don't know if it exists. But I can tell you that it sounds beautiful and makes me feel optimistic. And thats what really matters!

so movies like Heaven is for real could be pieces of fiction to some! but they make THIS life worth living! They offer us a hope! and a transition to another realm!

I love this quote, 'God made all of us, because HE loves stories!'