Sunday, May 26, 2019


I held the poor girl's hand and insisted her to write
'DOOD' which I think should be spelt......'dude'?!
So I can put it on my stupid blog and get validation
from everyone for my self image of being a 'Doooood'
at age 74?!(I am not interested in the exact number!)

It also is penance over my actual image
of being an obsessive compulsive stalker..
of a girl who I know can outsmart me everyday!

'Don't give up!' That's my motto....

One needs to be righteous while drawing for you!

Reminds me of Jabbar Patel's movie 'Sihasan'!

Why don't you search that will help you for some marathi cameos!

The scene where the little girl from from the balcony is looking down to
her father on the street I think! and the rhyme in the background goes'

Twinkle twinkle little star
'How I wonder what you are'!

Some of us unfortunately know exactly who you are!

Friday, May 24, 2019

Dare Not!

And dare NOT mention my near and dear
ones on your pathetic blog!
These people meant something to me!

There are some memes floating around like debris...
on the internet!
why don't you handle that!? And leave me alone!?

And DARE not doubt me!
It requires guts to step away from people that matter to you
and lead life on your own!

Just try minding your own business!
And EVERYTHING is been noted!
every coincidence is been noted!
Just saying! 


Feedback on my new book!

Who is Misleading who!?

I have been following your stupid blog for many years now!
So do not tell me who is misleading who! 

Still from a project!

- Beatriz at Dinner

You think killing is hard?
try healing something!
You can break something in two seconds...
but it can take forever to fix it!

- Beatriz at Dinner

Hahaha! I am like this! sitting in my room
winning every imaginary argument! :D

Don't apologize for it!

If people are pretending to help you with the 'PR'
FIRE them! Become the best version of yourself
and don't apologize for it!


Hope you are doing something that helps someone
become the best version of themselves!

(If you are doing anything against their will, pull up your socks
you are about to get a big fight!)


Not anymore!

I am done reading your blog!
Not anymore!