Monday, October 10, 2016

The Lessons!

Yes, sometimes when …. I cry over a broken marriage,
I cry over things that I decorated my lovely house with,

I cry because I have no one to cook meals for!
I cry over losing the love of my life!

I regret my unjustified temper
My bad decisions,

The habit of taking my
Loved ones for granted!

Life seems like an unmanageable
Mushy bowl of soup!

But then at 11 p.m. at night..
When I am all alone,
Soaking in the bed,

I get an anonymous call
From an unknown number,

The blood rushes through my veins
Faster than ever!

My legs lift me to reach the door.
I check the lock twice, thrice!
I lock the door again!

I almost miss the sunlight breaking through
The curtains beside my bed, every morning!

I go to the kitchen, feed myself
And think how lucky am I 
to have a roof over my head!

Sure, life teaches us lessons…...
For things we take for granted!

Tonight’s lesson is ‘security!’

-Nirzara Verulkar

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