Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Make personalized things...

Saw a few 'kalamkari' cotton fabrics today.
thinking of getting stitched something I have drawn above.
and mix & match with a custom made saree..
I think it wont cost much plus will look really good!
Looking forward to this!

This doesn't look like a "Futuristic Innovation" or does it?
tell people stories that  involve you and your family as someone
who have "mistaken" and they will believe any "crap"....
(oh yes...crap google tells me means
something of extremely poor quality.)
to defend their crimes...;p

every time they say it was your fault....flood them with a load of "crap"
never might find some evidence and manage to take some people
behind the bars...

more crappy stories on the way.......hahahahaha.....

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