Monday, September 26, 2016

Daughter of an angel................. :)

How often do you see a butterfly,
unwind on somebody's shoulder
as if it was never to leave!

Just remind yourself of that day,
of the splash of sunlight,
and of who you emerged from!

And then on the rainiest day,
of this expedition,
when you are in a suspicion,

longing for someone that,
you have lost,
seek for a rainbow,
in a distant sky,

Comfort yourself,
as you get to see a spectrum,
Soak it in your heart,
as, it will disappear!

Remember that, memories are
precious perfumes,
and rainbows just don't appear to
turn wishes into fortunes!

oh! how blessed you are
for the colours appeared for once,
when you ordered them.
Be rest assured you can
manage it, all well....

The butterfly came looking for
a place to reside,
instead it found an angel
in disguise...

'It was like magic' you said,
to see the rainbow, as a 'wish come true',
now you are the daughter
of  that angel you know!!!!!! :)

- Nirzara Verulkar..


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