Monday, September 26, 2016

Crafty ideas for a broken heart! :D :)))

If you ever manage to love 
someone beyond your capacity,
And God forbid if it’s not meant to be,
And if your heart WAS to break,


1. Make sure to give it (your heart) a crisp cut,
Right there in the center!

The same way, as you slit
A brittle, crystallized caramel…..

Go to your closet and take that wooden box,
Someday, you had to use the embroidery floss....

Take four strands and tie them together,
Make sure it’s strong,
As it’s the very spine of your creation,

Place the pieces, of your heart, on the either sides,
In center, let the strands of threads reside!

Take your needle
And now be very gentle,
As you pierce the broken pieces,
we are getting
Started with some stitches.

Pick your favorite colored thread,
And ‘hem’ pieces to the bundle of strands,
Have you guessed already what are we heading at?

Align two pieces of thick paper,
Cut them nicely in a shape of some petals,

Write a few memories,
You are afraid ‘would fade’,
Inscribe them with colored markers,
Cause they will last till the end,

Now rope the two petals,
Towards the end, 
of the ‘heart’ sections,

Join them to the strand,
And see; now do you understand?

Broken hearts and treasured 
memories make
Outstanding butterflies!
And flutter occasionally,
When you are running ‘out of life’!
Wrap it in silk and keep it warm
The butterfly WILL beat 
when time goes wrong!

This is the first idea and may there be many,
Make sure you have your ‘crafty kit’ ready! :)

-Nirzara Verulkar


OMG!! :) its time to get back to work!!! 

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